About Our Factories

At the Garment house we pride ourselves with being ethical. In order to monitor this, we have selected specific factories to work with in China, India and Australia. We currently have a team of agents who work for The Garment house in China. We pay our staff above the award wage and ensure that all staff have contracts signed off by the government to ensure they are treated fairly in the workplace.

Our team of agents in China visit the factories daily to ensure that the quality of the garments is up to standard and the working environment is ethical. We do not force staff to work for us against their own will and we ensure they are paid correctly for the tasks they are providing for our Clients. This may add extra costs to our products, but we can assure you that it is all worth it.

We work with Scheduled production calendars and are honest with delivery time frames from the initial consultation until delivery. We understand the main selling seasons and know how important it is to deliver on time. This works really well with our factories and our clients.