Garment Development Stage

This includes the planning, scheduling and quoting.

Plan carefully and avoid costly mistakes! Unfortunately, many people fail to plan. If you’re currently working with limited knowledge or are looking for some guidance, you will need to understand and manage the following:

Tech Packs: A tech pack is your design blueprint and vital in the development and production of your collection. Here at Garment House, we strongly believe a Tech Pack is the end product of development. Including detailed tech drawings and intricate details to share with your manufacturer and answer all manufacturing questions. Your tech pack combined with graded specification derived from graded patterns allow for accurate quality control and quality assurance. Fabric usages allows for accurate costing for fabric and trim purchasing.

Design / Development | Branding | Logistics | Production | Sourcing Materials | Creating Samples | Manufacturing | Speed to Market | Tech Packs | And more…

This stage also includes brainstorming ideas. Having a thorough client profile & business strategy completed. Clients can start with sketches of ideas, samples of clothing, photos of similar items – lots of notes help get a better indication of the direction the brand/label.

Bring your design visions to life. Go over trend forecasts and fabrics, as well as designing to your budget and production feasibility to bring your design concept to fruition!

Creating your own products starts with carefully examining the manufacturer identified during the product development. The production line is the heart of the manufacturing process at any supplier. By first reviewing the steps involved in making the product, we can get a better understanding of possible problems which may arise.